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The puzzles shown below have a paper backing that allows a personal message to be written or pre-printed behind the puzzle. Once the puzzle is assembled, it may be flipped over to read the message. Currently available paper colors are...

Christmas Cards

Imagine your loved ones receiving your christmas card in the form of a puzzle! The image might be high-quality artwork as shown or your family portrait. These puzzles may be made in any size. They have a high-quality pastel paper backing on which you may write a personal message with a permanent marker. Volume discounts are available.

Guestbook Puzzles

Guestbook puzzles commemorate a special event with oversized pieces which guests may sign with a short message.

Wedding Place Name Pieces

One creative customer used puzzle pieces in place of the standard place cards at her wedding. Each piece guides a guest to their reception table. Once seated, the guests may assemble the pieces to form a photo of the happy couple!