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See the puzzle styles page for ideas on how to customize your puzzle.

Your Prints

If you have a print, poster, photograph, postcard, etc... that you want turned into a custom puzzle, contact me and we'll talk about the details.

Please be aware that some paper types are not appropriate for puzzles. The paper used in cheap calendars, for example, is often thin enough that the calendar gridlines show through from the back of the paper. At the other extreme, some thick paper types are built up from multiple layers that easily peel apart.

Your Digital Images

If you have a digital image that you want turned into a custom puzzle, I'll need your statement that you own the copyright. I will have your image professionally printed on photo paper. Please be aware that low resolution images will look grainy when enlarged.

There are millions of high-resolution images available for commercial use at Flickr.com under the creative commons attribution license. This license allows us to use the images as long as the original artist is properly attributed. Many other public domain images are available in the Library of Congress Digital Archives.

I have collected some low-resolution previews of some of my favorite available digital images for your viewing pleasure.

Puzzle Size

I now have a large capacity scroll saw in my workshop. I am able to cut puzzles up to 36 inches by 24 inches! The puzzle area may be multiplied by your desired piece density to estimate the number of pieces. Please inquire for maximum dimensions of irregularly shaped puzzles.