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With one of my puzzles, you are getting a unique, durable, high-quality hand-crafted piece of artwork. For me, this is a hobby and a labor of love. I'm not going to be pressured to ship an inferior product to meet a bottom line.

Print Quality

You will be able to proudly display the finished puzzle, as each puzzle is made from an image printed on photo-quality paper by a professional printer.

The prints are mounted to a plywood base using an aggressive industrial adhesive. This ensures a 100% coverage bond that is typically stronger than the paper itself.

Structural Quality

I use 1/4" 5-ply baltic birch or poplar hobby plywood for all of my puzzles. The wood is very stable and strong in all directions - a must to avoid splitting during detailed cutting. I use only the best quality plywood because the last thing I want is to uncover internal flaws during the cutting process.

Piece Fit

Many people think a wooden puzzle will fit together very loosely and that a large fraction of the image will be cut away by the saw. This mis-conception is probably due to experience with puzzles made for toddlers where a loose fit is desirable. In fact, though, the scroll saw blades I use are only 0.007" wide. That's only twice the thickness of the average human hair! Cutting with this blade results in pieces with a tight fit. You won't notice any missing material unless the image has some very fine features indeed.

A benefit of the tight fit is that it's obvious whether two pieces fit together or not. We've all been frustrated by mass-produced paperboard puzzles with pieces that seem to belong together when actually they do not.

All of my puzzles (except for some specialized ones with non-interlocked pieces or lots of silhouette pieces) have a high degree of interlocking. You will be able to pick the puzzle up and move it in one piece. Most people like good interlocking because the pieces stay together as they are slid around the table. At the other extreme, a totally non-interlocking puzzle can be fun for someone who likes a challenge.


I'm admittedly biased so I can only think of one disadvantage. Since this is a hobby for me, my family and job come first, so you will likely have to wait a few weeks for a custom puzzle.